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Unlock strategic financial leadership with our CFO service at OBS Financials.

Are you seeking a dedicated VP to aid in your company’s growth? Having a VP who not only interprets your financials but also assists in budgeting, tracks seasonal trends, competitor pricing, and devises strategies aligned with your business vision offers numerous advantages.

The Benefits of Engaging a Personal CFO:

In my role as your personal CFO, I offer in-depth analysis and personalized attention to your business needs. I serve as a trusted advisor for addressing specific financial concerns, including

Assessing New Hires

I offer assistance in evaluating the necessity of new hires and crafting a budget for potential recruits.

Business Expansion Evaluation

I assist in evaluating the readiness for business expansion and strategizing an expansion plan.

Price Adjustment Analysis

I aid in determining the ideal timing for price increases and devising an effective pricing strategy.

Expense Management

I provide support in expense tracking and identifying potential cost-saving areas.

Sales Growth Strategy

I specialize in formulating effective strategies to boost sales.

Considering the Need for Professional CFO Services

1. Income Level

For small business owners with limited budgets, a full-time CFO might not be necessary. However, high-income earners or larger business owners can greatly benefit from a personal CFO’s expertise.

2. Complexity of Finances

Simple business structures might be manageable with a proficient bookkeeper. Yet, intricate financial landscapes often necessitate the guidance of a personal CFO to ensure meticulous organization.

3. Time Availability

Busy business owners may find it challenging to dedicate time to financial management. A personal CFO efficiently handles the intricate details, allowing you to focus on core business operations.

Understanding the Significance of a Personal CFO

The statistics are concerning: within five years, 49% of businesses fail, representing a substantial loss of effort and investment. Yet, there’s an opportunity to bolster success through the guidance of personal CFO services. 

A personal CFO offers comprehensive support across your business’s financial spectrum, encompassing bookkeeping, budgeting, tax planning, and investment management. Their expertise enables strategic financial decisions that fuel the growth and sustainability of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you’re behind in reporting for multiple years, extensions may apply to the current year, but fines and penalties can increase for outstanding years. To avoid further penalties, it’s crucial to promptly organize accurate records. Cost: For clean-up services, charges are based on a monthly fee per month worked. Opting for ongoing bookkeeping can earn you discounts ranging from 30% to 50%, depending on the complexity.
My minimum rate is $300, but rates vary based on the scope of work. I typically offer a flat rate rather than hourly fees.
Discrepancies might stem from erroneously duplicating transactions when recording income. This error could reflect in expenses as well.
Employees are those working under company policies and schedules. Contractors, on the other hand, have more freedom in their work approach.
To maintain accuracy, separate business and personal expenses in distinct accounts, prefer checks over apps like Zelle or Venmo, and utilize software for expense management.
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