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Advanced software, offers businesses valuable financial tracking capabilities. However, navigating its setup and functionalities can pose challenges for many. 

My specialized software setup and training services address these hurdles effectively. I provide a comprehensive service aimed at swiftly getting your software system operational. Together, we’ll craft a tailored software file to align with your unique requirements. 

Additionally, I offer hands-on training sessions covering income and expense tracking, invoice creation, and report generation.

Software Advisory Services

My setup and training services, designed for efficient bookkeeping, cater to businesses. I offer a seamless learning experience for software, focusing on your operations. 

For setup, fees start at $500, and training is $150 per hour. 

Businesses opting for ongoing bookkeeping enjoy waived setup and training costs. Confident in the value offered, I’m here to maximize your resources. 

Contact me today to explore how I can assist in implementing the software for your business. I prioritize client satisfaction, offering a 100% guarantee. Connect today for a smooth software journey.

By utilizing my software setup and training services, you can expect:

Time and Cost Efficiency

Gain independence in bookkeeping, saving both time and money.

Effortless Software Mastery

Swift and easy learning curve for using software effectively.

Expert Guidance

Hands-on training provided by a certified software advisor.

Assured Accuracy

Reassurance in maintaining accurate and up-to-date books.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you’re behind in reporting for multiple years, extensions may apply to the current year, but fines and penalties can increase for outstanding years. To avoid further penalties, it’s crucial to promptly organize accurate records. Cost: For clean-up services, charges are based on a monthly fee per month worked. Opting for ongoing bookkeeping can earn you discounts ranging from 30% to 50%, depending on the complexity.
My minimum rate is $300, but rates vary based on the scope of work. I typically offer a flat rate rather than hourly fees.
Discrepancies might stem from erroneously duplicating transactions when recording income. This error could reflect in expenses as well.
Employees are those working under company policies and schedules. Contractors, on the other hand, have more freedom in their work approach.
To maintain accuracy, separate business and personal expenses in distinct accounts, prefer checks over apps like Zelle or Venmo, and utilize software for expense management.
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